Monday, April 19, 2010

Garden Expansion Project 2010....

View from the deck of two new lovely strips to garden in : )
Old garden...just a tiny little square. 
Seeded and eady for new grass to grow over...
Just look at the new design! 
So genius the middle part is just the right width for the riding lawn mower!
Peat Moss....not just for heating your home anymore...hahaha  Fertilizer baby!
We also spread all accumulated ash from the fireplace over the winter for fertilizer.
I told Bengt...."If we can't garden succesfully this year we need to give up!"  Peat Moss, Compost, Ash and Mulch!!!!!
1+ years worth of compost ready for fertilizing action!
Adding compost with my red-headed helper!
Bengt loves watching me do "manual labor." 
As if my days are not FILLED to the brim with it!
Mulching over the top to prevent weeds....
Lauren passed out for 2+ hours after the job was done.  This is a child who DOES NOT NAP.  EVER.  Not since she was 3 years old.  I fell asleep sitting up.  She was snuggled next to me and the cat got wise : )
We were all THAT tired!  Mulching entire day on Saturday and prepping garden on Sunday...whew!  Bengt and I were in bed by 9:30 pm last night.  Wow.  It's big shakes around this house people!!!!!!!
COMING SOON:  Photos of all the incredible veggies!!!!!!

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