Friday, April 30, 2010

Lilac bushes, rhubarb, strawberries...oh, my!

Out of desperation and a mommy break-down moment today, I told Lauren she could write my blog for me.  It's been a long week of feeling like a single parent and I'm SICK SICK SICK of feeding kids, cleaning up, going outside, going to the park, answering questions from an almost 5 year old, looking at sippy cups and cleaning them and filling them...........well, you know what I mean.  You feel my pain.  My sister feels my pain.  It's the same pain I'd feel if I worked full-time, it's just a different pain.  My husband runs a company and he says my job is harder. (Um,  DUH.)  And look, I'm not complaining.  Oh, wait.  I AM.  Isn't that why people have blogs?

I was feeling very much on the verge of a screaming fit so I called by BF and sissy and vented.  I felt SO much better.  She gets it.  She gets me.  Unfortunately, Lauren is the closest thing to an adult in my life 24/7 so she gets the bulk of my moods.  I have said more than once this week "Someday when you have kids you'll understand."  Who am I?  So I got off the phone, poured a drink and whipped out the Eric Carle animal sounds card game and turned on the stereo.   Hey, the drink helps.  But what is so funny is that my sissy told me to watch 20/20 tonight about women who leave full-time jobs to become SAHMom's and hit the bottle.  Wow.  She did however throw in, "I don't mean you." hahahhahahahaha  Lord, help me! 

So after a round of cards (picture me sitting on the floor asking Lauren, "Do you have an oink, oink?"  cuz that's how it goes my friends) and a quickie game of Chutes and Ladders we turned to the blog.  I posted the pictures and she made up the story that she thought went with the pictures.  Lauren totally knows what my blog is, looks at the pictures and finds it all very entertaining.  So here is her story:  (ENJOY!  It's gene if I do say so myself!!!!!)

There was a story of a little girl that had two brothers and then the two brothers picked all the lilacs off the bushes.  Then the mom came outside and said "Don't pick off all the lilacs!"  (she adds a side note of "and that was a mean mother")  Space people came and they put lilac bushes everywhere in their yard in the grass.  Then alot of people came to put lilac bushes in everybody's yard.  Big stinky people came to put stinky perfume everywhere in everybody's yard.  (she is hilariously laughing at herself as we write this)  And then when all the kids where sleeping, (and the mom and the dad) burglars came to the house and stole stuff from the inside of the house, but not alot of stuff, but stuff from the bedrooms. (At this point I ask her if we can end this story on a happy note)  She replies with "Happily ever after.  The End."  (But she picks up the story again) We talked to the burglars who were just sitting outside all night and told them that you don't take stuff from anybody's house and you don't come ever, ever, ever, ever again.  The Dad said "I'm gonna put you in a cage."  Happily ever after. The end.  (I've read this from the beginning to her over five times now and the final reading got this response, "I love this story and could you put this on other people's blogs?)

We planted the lilac bushes last year and they are growing so fast!  I have incredible memories of lilac bushes from my youth so I'm giddy to have my own beauties in the backyard.  We also decided to plant "edibles" within our landscaping and the rhubarb has flowered (isn't that what that is called?  Not sure what it means but I feel wikepedia is calling me)  The strawberries are growing like gangbusters and Lauren checks the blossoms everyday.  Did you know those white flowers become actual berries?  amazing and cool!!!!  Did you ever read "Strawberry Girl" by Lois Lenski as a child?  LOVED that book.  I hear google calling me!

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