Friday, April 30, 2010


And just let me vent this last little bit of bitterness and I'll be done.  I'll move onto the rest of the really good weekend I'm about to have.  (because I'm declaring it) 

Why in the world do my kids eat and like Trader Joe's whole wheat frozen French toast better than my homemade?  (with REAL maple syrup and sliced bananas no less!) 

Why will they sit in front of the T.V. watching America's Funniest Home Videos eating dry Kashi cereal?  (I despise this show and my husband loves old re-runs.  Tom Bergeron hosts this show, as he also hosts Dancing with the Stars......HURT ME.)  So the kids will watch this?  I mean, my son is NO LIE, sitting in a chair glued to the T.V. with his sister and he's almost 17 months old!  This is not a cartoon!  This is not baby Einstein crack!  No Mom, it's better than crack!  It's Tom Beregon!!!!

Why will they eat chicken nuggets and mac and cheese (albeit 100% white meat organic whatever Trader Joe's brand and whole wheat mac and cheese organic whatever)  and CLEAN the plate?  Like, LICK it clean.  I cook almost everynight and feed them the best possible food I can muster up and not sweat the small stuff when it happens.  (mcDon's......sugar, candy, treats, etc.)  I have obviously done a somewhat good job because Lauren loves steamed broccoli and asked for cauliflower with cheese sauce this week.  
Check out this simple and great recipe:  (Just the cheese sauce section) 

Okay, maybe all the venting has ended.  It's kinda like when you begin a run and have all this stuff in your head and are mad about things or frustrated or irritated and a mile or so in, once you've got your breathing down and can let go of everything and just surrender to your feet hitting the pavement.....well, I feel better.  Thank you and have a great weekend!!!!!!!


  1. Wish we were closer....I could use a couple hours out with you!!! It's amazing how venting a little can totally release the pressure you had been feeling. Hugs

  2. I hate to tell you this, but even at age 11 AFV is still a favorite for my boy...