Monday, April 19, 2010

Tried and True Recipe...

Okay, I will admit my first attempt at "potato chip encrusted salmon" was a bit of a bust.  (Mother's Day circa um, 10-12 years ago, before I was a budding kitchenista...)  I put the lovely chunk of salmon in the broiler and yep..........smoke central.  Not cool.  I had the oven rack up way too high and the baby ignited!  Luckily, I just scraped all the chip and dill mixture off the fish and the salmon was fine.  But still, my ego was bruised.

I've made this dish many times over the years and I'd say this one was the best.  I used Terra Chips (to die for....I'm my mother's daughter through and through and can eat a whole bag in one setting as well!)  I used "tomato zest" flavor.  The beauty of the terra chip (or as the recipe suggests with Cape Cod kettle chips...and who doesn't love a kettle chip?) is the extreme crunch factor that really maintains its ooomph with lemon and dill mixture, EVEN after reheating!  That is awesome!

Try it!  If you love salmon you will love this.  I do admit I burned out on salmon years ago.  But I had a craving last week that led me back to this recipe.
Enjoy! The below recipe is just one of many I have found.  They are all basically the same.  What I liked about this one is the baking of the fish vs. broiling it.  No chance of error!  : ) 

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