Friday, April 23, 2010

What would I find in your fridge???

Okay, so we may discover some
priorities in my life here........ahhahahahha

Here is what you may find in my fridge:
2009 Santa Barbra County Chardonnay from Trader Joe's......$3.99  (I usually run from these wine price points but..........look how lovely the bottle looks!)
Check out what the "cheap drunkard" has to say.......I love it!  : ) 

Sorry for the glaring flash there....I need to work on that : )  I tell everyone that if I have bread, cheese, wine and coffee and half and half then I am a happy woman.  I'm delighted to report that Costco now carries Horizon organic half and half!  This lovely half and half paired with a giant bag of Starbucks French roast makes the start to any a BETTER day!      
And another fave from Trader Joe's!   Marinated mushrooms with friend Kelly and I love to make a drink with diet coke or diet pepsi (I heart vodka, she hearts Jim Beam) but we find the drinks much more delish with some pickled mushrooms and a drizzle of the juice into the drink.  I KNOW.  But, you'd have to try it before you knock it!!
So what are your fridge faves????

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