Monday, May 10, 2010

For the love of Tupperware....

Last time it was Friday Night Dance Party and Popcorn Night I forgot to take a pic of the lovely popped kernels.  Well, it's getting to be a tradition around here, so there was another opportunity for a pic.  I know, I know....who cares about a picture of my popcorn?  Well, since you asked.  Just look at that vintage die for.  LOVE it.  My mom "passed this on" to it's some sort of family heirloom.  Hilarious!  But in all honesty, it just makes me happy to use this.  

 Here's another shot so you can see the goodness of the "sporks"......perfect for tossing the popcorn with the butter.  And wait....there will be more Tupperware shots of the other beauties my mom gave me!  : )

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  1. So I'm driving around Verona garage sales and it was getting to be early afternoon on Saturday so I was almost done. At this point I was driving by a lot of sales if they didn't look like they had any good kids stuff. Suddenly, I spotted some of those old orange and brown and yellow tupperware bowls FROM THE CAR and had to stop. They are the kind with the squiggly tops and they are so strong and so sturdy. I bought 3 of them. Lord knows I don't need anymore tupperware, but they were just like the ones my mom used to have and all really good sizes. I'm such a tupperware geek.

    Oh, and by the way, Cleo and I broke all of the rules last night. The UW pep band end of the year concert was on PBS last night. They take all the bands (football, hockey, basketball) from the UW and put on a HUGE concert in spring. We just had to dance. Too much good dancing music. So, it was a Friday night dance party.... Just on a Monday.