Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Blue cheese scallion drop bisuits...

I've had this recipe in my arsenal for a month or so.  I was so excited to make them.....mostly for the ease, as I am not a baker.  Something in the ingredients spoke to me yesterday so I made a stop-by the grocery store after swimming lessons today.  Well, much to my disappointment, I failed to taste the scallions or the blue cheese and was left YET AGAIN with a loathe for baking.  Now, Bengt said once again that I am nuts and they are delicious.  He said they were a touch salty.  Really?  Because other than the blue cheese saltiness, the recipe only called for a very small smidge of salt.  So!  I will leave it up to you to decide!  I am a person who loves to COOK (vs. BAKE) and then not really care to eat what I cooked or think it is all that good! (Weird I know!)  Give them a try...they are really easy (one bowl) and contain buttermilk! 

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