Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm Back! Only to depart again....

Isn't this what summer is all about?  Lots of fun stuff on the calendar, things to look forward....housework and laundry and cooking are put on the backburner and the kids run around the yard long into the evening?  Love it!  Adventure #1 of the season was our first tenting/camping outing with Evan.  Evan who is 18 months old.  Yep.  Some say I'm crazy but I really did love it.  My motto last summer when we traveled to Trout Lake (Grand Marais, MN) was "We're making memories here people!"  That's really how I felt!  We were only an hour from my mom's house so if things got hairy we had an out.  Here are some fun pictures to prove we really did it!  We took Lauren camping when she was a baby, but not until she was about 2.5 years old.   (still rough!)  And, that might not even count because we had a big luxurious camper.  Tenting is hardcore! 

I seem to be getting flashes of the kids looking at these photos when they are older....(does that come with age?  I'm getting old you know!  39 big ones this year.......wow.)  Or the slideshows that they have graduation parties or weddings........the ones that always make me cry even if I have never met the people!  These are the little gems that will later be placed in these!

Evan is now obsessed with "My First Truck Book" and I still find it hard to believe that these extreme genetic differences really exist!  This book got us through some rough patches camping.  The little guy needed to be "secured" or "contained" in the tent, highchair or stroller. 

Lauren continues to be a little photographer and I like to say she's got her mother's eye.  Here is a pic she took....

Now, that's what I call finding the beauty in the ordinary : )

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