Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's a Mom thing....

One of the things that we questioned while camping was how we could possibly get Evan to nap without being in a pack-n-play.  Well, it turns out he just ran around the tent like a crazy child until he literally passed out and we moved him to the "bed" (air mattress).  I'm not sure why, but when I peeked in the tent window to check on him I just started crying.  Look at his little shoulder blades and how big he is?  Now, while I don't wish for the infant stuff, I long to capture this little moment in time.  Not quite a baby anymore....a toddler who sometimes acts like he's 3.  I imagine him in his big-boy bed.  The crib is the last connection to "babyhood."  I also love how he's cuddled up with his sister's pink blankie and Strawberry Shortcake pillow!  Classic. 


  1. SO cute!!!! Glad camping and naping agreed with Evan! xo

  2. Very sweet! Nothing like fresh air to induce a good nap.