Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ShamWOW Wedensday...

It's like a chamois, a towel, a sponge!  Use it wet or dry.......You'll say WOW everytime!  Come on people this is genius!  And that weird, scrawny looking guy who does the infomercial?  Where do they find these freakshows?  AND it's made in Germany.  They clearly state it underneath a little German flag on the "official" ShamWow website.  As if that is going to make us want it more.  "You know those German's are some smart buggers..." 

On vacation I like to carry on a little tradition similiar to David Letterman's Top Ten Lists.  However, I sometimes have more or less than 10 items on the list and the items don't relate to one another.....they are just a random spattering of things we say on the trip or I think are funny.  (Other people who are on the trip with me don't really get a say with what goes on the list since I'm the one who remembers to write the list, save them from year to year in a safe place and occasionally pull them out and rehash the funnies)  I've been doing this list thing for over 10 years now.  It makes for good fun.  Really....

So this year our friends Tom and Kelly brought ShamWows with on the trip.  WELL WELL WELL.  It instantly became the trip joke and therefore HAD to be on the list.  We shouted "ShamWOW" anytime we felt excitement about, well, WE JUST SAID IT FOR FUN ANYTIME WE FELT LIKE IT.  And I loved every shouting SHAMWOW second of the trip!!!!!  (and for the record, the product is really cool and works exactly as shown......I want some of my own.  Costco baby.)

And since I'm in one "shamWOW" kind of a mood tonight (sarcasm) "I DO DECLARE" today to be ShamWow Wednesday.  You can view the entire infomercial here for more fun and excitement.  If you say "I do declare" in a Southern accent it is way more fun. 

Yep, "I do declare" was on the list too!  Remember The Office episode where Michael plans a murder mystery event at Dunder-Mifflin to boost morale because the company is in a slump?  Michael said "I do declare" before he said anything.  And let me tell you friends, it is REALLY fun to do this on vacation while drinking!  Seriously.  Try it.  Don't knock me for being FUN.

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  1. You will have to pull out the list from our N'awlins trip someday. "She must have really love the King."