Friday, June 25, 2010


This picture might adequately describe the various highs and lows of traveling with children....

Hello Friends!  I'm back from our family Trout Lake vacation (Grand Marais, MN) and look, it's a week since I've been home and imagine that....I'm in a wee bit of a "post vacation slump"...  Truth be told, I might like running around like a crazy person and not being home much.  All I need is a quick drive-by the house for laundry, re-coup, errands, etc. and then I'm ready to go again!  Being home too much just makes me want to re-decorate and find fault with my house.  (And really, it's wonderful........I have no reason to complain.  But doesn't everyone want a quick fix from Nate Berkus?  I've got good stuff to work with, I just need an outside eye to rearrange things)

I spent yesterday at my friend's "Lake House" but found that without a spouse along, all I did was chase Evan around.  (again, you are feeling so sorry for me right?)  I mean, people would enjoy just using the phrase "my friend's Lake House" but I actually get to spend time there and feel oh so cool. 

Trout Lake was the best year yet.  (this was year 3 and counting if we get invited back...hahaha)  We have gone from three to four kids in all stages and ages.  Our friends have survived diapers, bottles, play gyms, high chairs, crying, whining, tantrums, pouting, binkys and giving up the binky.....bless them! 

I cannot believe I found a human being on the planet that I get along with better than anyone.  AND she wants to vacation with my family?  Her husband Tom and my husband have been friends since grade school.  She was the icing to Tom's cake.  When our group of friends met her we instantly loved her.  I mean, I like her better than Tom now.  And when I say I get along with her better than anyone, I mean EVERYONE in my life......sister, mom, husband, other best friends.........seriously........Kelly just doesn't push one single button.  She just makes me laugh, likes to drink and eat with me, doesn't take anything too seriously and really does not bother me AT ALL.  Like you know when you have a friend that you adore but you realize at some point in your extended time together they will eventually start to bug you?  Or they have some small little thing that starts to irritate you?  Yeah, well Kelly doesn't have any of those!  I'm not sure if she feels the same way about me, but I don't think it matters.  My kids are a bit more irritating than hers are, but mine are still quite young.  We keep saying "next year will be even better...."  In five years we are sitting so pretty it will be a dream trip! 

So Evan got 4 shots today at his 18 month old check-up and it's Friday night and this is the life of a mom.  I'm itching for some away from kids time.  It's sad when I am looking forward to a PAP SMEAR because the kids will be with a sitter at home on Monday. 

This Fall Lauren will attend a new pre-school THREE FULL DAYS A WEEK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!  I might have some sort of a life back.  (because we all know when you have two kids, one kid is CAKE!)  All these stages and moods, growing up and my daughter just went over to the neighbors and rang the doorbell and asked if her friend could play.  She just figured out how to do this..........she didn't ask me.  She just did it.  I guess she is sick of being stuck inside the house for 4 hours per day while Evan naps.  (again, you are all soooooooooooo sorry for me right?)

Hey, remember......people have blogs so they can vent and complain and brag, and share sorrows.  Life is good.  Just working out the summer kinks!  : )

Grand Marais fog which prevented us from taking a really cool schooner ride...oh, year!

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  1. Glad you had a great trip!! I love that first picture!!! Lauren is so stinken cute sitting in her booster seat.

    My big out of the house adventure was going to home goods... and I've decided I hate the stroller and will do anyting to not have to use it! So my bijourn and sling wrap are my new best friends!

    xo martine