Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday is Fun Day....

Gettin' serious about my sucker!!!!

We met a friend for lunch today at Red Robin/Woodfield Mall.  Lunch was great and the kids ate every last lick of food I ordered for them.  Amazing.  Then they got balloons.  Delightful.  Then we headed to Sanrio (HELLO KITTY) store.  Evan at some point was like, "um, yeah, I got nuthin' here people, can you do something for me??"  Therefore he got a sucker.  Which equaled a happy Evan for a bit.  The red head OF COURSE had to go pee so I headed to Nordstorm because I know where the bathrooms are and they are super close to Sanrio.  Well, it's "sale days at Nordstorm's" or something like that.  They have the prices so jacked up that apparently on sale days (which they only do like twice a year or something) the world comes out.  You'd never know we are in a depression by the amount of cars and shuttle buses in the parking lot or the amount of people at Woodfield Mall.  What the hell?  I depise malls.  I had to get the hell outta there.  Both kids crashed on the drive home.  Which is monumental for the red head.  The kid just doesn't sleep.  

Yes, I put gel in his hair.  Cuteness factor HIGH.
We have already started a braces fund for the teeth!

 Eye teeth coming in AND a sucker = good on the gums!
We can't forget the red head!
They were seriously doing "cheers" with their suckers?
Hmmm, I wonder if I drink too much????

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