Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Graduating" from Swimming Lessons....

Evan and his pal Aiden....
(his mom was my swim lesson buddy too!)

Eight days later, 45 minutes per day (entertaining Evan while waiting) the little red head mastered the big slide (once with her teacher and once alone....this after "Mom, I am not going on the big slide or jumping off the diving board....") and it was suggested she do Level 2 again next year.  Well, after reading the list of things that each child needs to do without help from the teacher, I am very fine with doing Level 2 again.  The list of things she accomplished vs. what she still can't do is huge and I'm very proud of her progress in only 8 days.  It is amazing to see her dive down under for rings and listen to her teacher and take the whole thing very seriously.  Love it!  And really, for as much as I claim to be dying for her to start Kindergarten and reclaim a bit of my life back, it all goes by so quickly and she's growing up so fast.  So yes, Level 2 again next is just fine.

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