Monday, July 26, 2010

Mall Schmall...

Hello Friends!  I've been in a "ain't got nuthin' to post or talk about or show pics of" space.  (untrue, but every writer gets this way!)  So, I was all prepared to come to you today fresh and fun and filled with genius.  HOWEVER, I spent the ENTIRE day at the MALL.  Dear Lord help me.  I headed to Sears Automotive dept. at around 10:30 this morning.  I left at almost 4:00 this afternoon. 

Now, let's talk about how much I detest malls.  I can shop with the best of them.  I can usually "gear up" even if I'm not in the mood to shop.  But something about MALLS just makes me feel trapped in the 80s (and not in a good way) and depressed.  And let's add in two children.  One of whom is teething and a little off.  So I was rescued by the hubby and sister-in-law for lunch.  When we headed back to Sears they gave me the 'ol "ready in 20 mins."  SURE.  I should have realized it was a hoax. 

The mall I was at I consider not that fantastic of a mall on top of my "stuck at the mall" all day.  YIKES.  I did however get some funky new throw pillows and some new towels.  (New towels?  Am I my mother?)  But I really don't need to return to this mall for a LONG LONG time.  BUT, my vehicle still has some "mystery" clanging and I just couldn't take waiting any longer for the poor mechanic to figure it all out.  Did I really need that left sway bar or was that his guess at the clanging?  Hmmmm, I'm waiting on the left hub assembly.  Whatever the heck that is.

So I have my feet up, my son sleeping after not napping all day and a glass of wine.  PEACE OUT! 

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