Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mommy's Little Helper....

Okay, the wine might have helped a bit, but the kids are
now in bed and that is what I really needed!
2008 California Cabernet Sauvignon "MAD HOUSEWIFE"....
again, I'm completely drawn to the label...great photo. 
The look of a mom...
"I'm so over every last bit of this day."
(or in other words...ME today!)

Here is what the back of the bottle says:

"Somewhere near the cool shadows of the
laundry room.  Past the litter box and between
the plastic yard toys.  This is your time.
Time to enjoy a moment to yourself.
A moment without the madness.
The dishes can wait.  Dinner be damned."

Um, you had me at passing the litter box!

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