Friday, July 16, 2010

My Love...

Evan has been cutting his eye teeth this week.  He is such a good natured, even-keeled boy....always happy and smiley.....basically, how every 19 month old child should be!  Life is nothing but fun times from waking to bedtime!  So this week has nailed me to the post.  I feel like all I did was yell and try to get to bedtime.  No "in the moment" moments or celebrating the "messy years" and will I miss all this?...................YES.  Probably YES.  But will I be glad to have advanced to the next stage of our family?  YES.  YES.  and YES.  But when I look at this picture it just melts my heart.  My tiny little white-haired boy.  Checking out all the big trucks and workers paving the road. 

Years from now I will cry and wonder how all this went by so fast.  He's my last baby.  (Shop is closed thank you very much)  I cherish the babyness of him..........when I can break free from the YELLING at the red head. 

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