Monday, July 5, 2010

Stepping out of the neighborhood box....


So the front door and sidedoor panels of the house desperately needed painted.  I really didn't realize how bad it needed paint until we started the project.  A lovely little pre-4th of July project!  We discussed many color options with some input from my mom and sissy.  (basically, their opinion trumps all others!)  Sissy suggested canary yellow even though she was slightly scared....yet, still intrigued.  Mom suggested red (brick or merlot perhaps?) or blue.  Well, all the other "blues" in the neighborhood are those faded out grayish blues and wasn't the object here to kick it up a bit?  Get out of the box?  Shake it up a bit? 

We are the only house on the block....and for blocks and blocks in the neighborhood....that even painted our house a color that isn't creme, or tan or SAFE.  And really, we didn't go's just a lovely brown with creme trim.  (as seen above)  Everyone has creme with creme or brown with contrast.  So we took a quick trip to Lowe's and found a blue we both agreed on.  "Planetarium" blue to be exact.  We got the job done in a few hours.  A job like this is instant gratification and curb appeal so I was ready to rock it out.  (unlike, um, say........insulating the basement) 

So now that the job is complete and I've done a few "drive-by's" I am okay with the color.  This only happened after obsessing part of the morning and then sending a before a after shot to my sister and mom, who both confirmed it was bright but good.  So I moved on.  I found some lovely perennials to fill the planters on the front porch and feel better.  As Bengt and I were painting (while slightly scared about the color too....) we kept making up things that we thought the neighbors would be saying......."What were they thinking?"  "Why would you paint your door that color?"  etc. 

But if it's one thing we hope not to's LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!  Isn't this what we are trying to teach our children?  So therein lies the moral of the blue door story my friends!!!!!!!!

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