Friday, August 27, 2010

Peach Crisp with Extra Love....

I've switched up my obession from to There.  I've said it.  I've kinda been outta the loop for the last few weeks and realized that I REALLY can live without any of this blog following, facebook, emailing craziness.  It's even kind of refreshing.  AMEN.
So I made this recipe a few weeks ago and had enough crumble love left-over to make the peach and a blueberry crisp.  Sure they were good, but the maple cream sauce is REALLY what is to DIE for!  Seriously, try it and you will see!  Everything Ree says about it is true!

Little Surprises that make a BIG difference....

I received a DELIGHTFUL birthday gift from my BFF Kelly.....some hand-painted DRINKING glasses!  I didn't even know Kelly knew that I loved butterflies!  Her gift, right down to the cards she selected for me were just SO ME.  She obviously knows me better than I ever realized she knew me!  How cool!  I adore these new drinking glasses (or one can use them as votive holders if one feels the need!  But, hey.........who needs candle holders when you can drink?!!!)  The only thing that will make them BETTER is when Kelly and I drink from them TOGETHER!

Enter the peacock....LOVE them!  They remind me of my other BFF, Bernadine. (Bern to me)  We spent Bern's 39th B-day at the Palmer House in Chicago and it was completely peacock themed.  We were loving it!  I went to a local thrift shop today and found these beauties.........Four of them for $1.00 each...........Are you kidding me?  I'm still feeling the joy as I sip my beverage.  The glasses are "fired on gold" as the saying goes...........dishwasher UNfriendly I presume.  Who cares if I have to handwash when these vintage loves are this cool? 
See the gold loveliness?  Shiny and gold and decadent..........
Ketel One I presume?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's getting ridiculous now....

Okay, where the hell have I been?  I KNOW.  It's just getting to the point where I just need to POST. SOMETHING. ANYTHING.  Come on already!  Just to let you know I'm still alive and well!  Here I am on my 39th birthday (8.18.10) on a lovely little boat cruise in Chicago.  It's confirmed that I NEVER get sick of the Chicago skyline.
Also, I did this really cool thing called a 1/2 Marathon!  Again...."I know...I know!"  hahahahah  It was a great accomplishment with my sister and gal pals.  It's kinda neat when you push yourself beyond your known limits or comfort zones.....turns out YOU can really do some crazy stuff!!!  (I mean, I know all this but doing it again after all these years makes it even better!)
Congrats to Sissy K (Tracy) Me and Bobbi G....Really, we are just showing the little ones what is possible!  ANYTHING!  : )
Sissy K and the family drove out from New Jersey and we spent a glorious week together laughing, eating, drinking, shopping, playing Scrabble, swimming at the hotel pool, meeting up with old friends, and basically just soldifying the love and friendship between two sisters. 
Four Little Rascals all in a row....
Evan, Liam, Lauren, Declan
Lake Geneva, WI

The End.
July and August have been fantastic!  I've been out of touch but I've been doing so much stuff and documenting it all so I can come back to the blog and share the love with all of you!  : )  I've tried a bunch of recipes from and I'm off to Door County next week for our annual Labor Day Evanson House rental in Ephraim, WI.  LOVE!  This summer has been incredible.  Hope your back-to-schools and summers have been to!  Lauren starts pre-school in Sept. for THREE  (count 'em...ONE. TWO. THREE) FULL Days!  Amen.