Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Surprises that make a BIG difference....

I received a DELIGHTFUL birthday gift from my BFF Kelly.....some hand-painted DRINKING glasses!  I didn't even know Kelly knew that I loved butterflies!  Her gift, right down to the cards she selected for me were just SO ME.  She obviously knows me better than I ever realized she knew me!  How cool!  I adore these new drinking glasses (or one can use them as votive holders if one feels the need!  But, hey.........who needs candle holders when you can drink?!!!)  The only thing that will make them BETTER is when Kelly and I drink from them TOGETHER!

Enter the peacock....LOVE them!  They remind me of my other BFF, Bernadine. (Bern to me)  We spent Bern's 39th B-day at the Palmer House in Chicago and it was completely peacock themed.  We were loving it!  I went to a local thrift shop today and found these beauties.........Four of them for $1.00 each...........Are you kidding me?  I'm still feeling the joy as I sip my beverage.  The glasses are "fired on gold" as the saying goes...........dishwasher UNfriendly I presume.  Who cares if I have to handwash when these vintage loves are this cool? 
See the gold loveliness?  Shiny and gold and decadent..........
Ketel One I presume?

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