Monday, September 27, 2010

ADORE 2....

LL Bean French Nautical Sailors Shirt .........This lovely just arrived via UPS and I promptly put it on!  Oh, I've been dreaming about it!  It's just as perfect as I expected LL Bean to be!  A million moons ago I had a boyfriend that had a mock neck, long sleeved shirt exactly like this and I stole it from him and wore the heck out of it.  It was just classic perfection. 

Well, I got the "French Nautical" bug the other day and all my memories of Troy and his shirt came flooding back.  AND, I got this ridiculously awesome big soft navy blue knit, open front Gap cardigan  that will go magically with this.  Oh, and should I even mention the white jeans?  PLEASE!!!!!!!!  Some ballet flats?  A sassy scarf?  Hello Lake Geneva girls outfit is perfection.  Who doesn't love Fall when you can begin to transition to long sleeves and sweaters and shoes and socks and jeans?  LOVE IT!

The quality of this shirt is fabulous.  It was only $30!  You wouldn't believe the quality AND I got free shipping.  What clothes are you excited to pull out for the change in season? 

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