Monday, September 27, 2010


Things seem to stick in my memory forever.  No one in the family remembers this bowl except me.  I might have been like 10 years old or something.  But when I saw this "modern mushroom" enamel bowl back in the day I remember it did something to me.  I love the boldness, the simplicity.  Everything about it just spoke to my design aesthetic........even way back then. 

Well, fast forward 25 years or so and I had completely forgotten about this bowl.  I first laid eyes on this beauty at our family go-to cottage we referred to as the "Harbor House."  My mom's friend Gail put some lovely salad of some kind in this bowl and brought it to one of our many gatherings at her cottage (the Harbor House), which always involved lots of good food.  I think it actually stayed at the Harbor House on a shelf and with each visit I would notice it.  

Gail  has a very cool style herself and when I would go to her house as a kid I would pretend it was my house.  I swear I even remember the way it smelled.  I remember her "real deal" fine art on the walls and her Scandinavian design furniture.  I even remember her husband Vernon and the red Lacoste cardigan he had.  I secretly wanted that sweater.  Last year I found the exact same sweater for my hubby for $7 at Goodwill.  ALSO, to add to this whole crazy story....Vernon made homemade mushroom soup with morel mushrooms at the Harbor House one summer.  This bowl has a morel on it.  I mean REALLY!!!!!!

So when my Dad died (hard to believe I'm saying this) NINE years ago....time goes by so quickly....alive or dead.....together or not together.  My heart has healed in so many ways but just the most simple thing and I sometimes find myself pulling at the thread and letting myself go.....sinking into that loss....that missing and longing.  But hey, that's another post!  So after the funeral and the influx of food that you receive when someone dies, my mom found this bowl in her possession.  She hung onto it for a long, long time and no one claimed it and she couldn't figure out who it belonged to. 

So one day I saw this on a shelf in her basement and I once again launched into my Gail, Harbor House, mushroom enamel bowl story and she said...."For the love of God, take it!  Take it!  You will appreciate it and love it."  Well, she was right.  I just found this again in my cupboard and decided it needs to be out on the counter.  Because it just makes me so happy.  And when something so silly and simple does that to you, you gotta go with it! 

Just for fun as I write this post I did a e-bay search for "enamel mushroom bowl" and found it's bidding for $81.00 !!!!!  It's described as LG Arabia Finel Finland Kaj Franck Enamel Mushroom Bowl.  I kept asking my mom if it was Gail's and she said no.  Hmmmm, I still want to talk to her about this!  Maybe it is hers after all and it is in my hands for a reason!  : )  Vernon is no longer with us either but maybe him and my Dad are having homemade mushroom soup and an ice cold beer somewhere together and reminiscing about the beloved Harbor House.

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