Monday, September 13, 2010

Crafty Joe...

This Spring on a road-trip to my mom's house we exited the car and Lauren was so excited to find the above Swallowtail butterfly perfectly intact on the grill of our vehicle.  I was irritated that she was interrupting my mom and I seconds after getting out of the car, but all she wanted to do was tell me/show me about the butterfly.  I finally got around to putting this lovely butterfuly in a shadowbox. 

I have a few of  Gwen Frostic's books.  They are original block prints with writings, thoughts, ideas and poems from Gwen.  Check out Gwen's story.  She died in 2001 but left behind a legacy worth knowing. I took one of the block print pages from my book and created a nice back drop for the Swallowtail.  

I love it when something so cool comes together.  A great memory and a reminder (for me) to be patient! 

The Swallowtail joined his friends....

I purchased this years ago in Puerto Rico while vactioning.  It's from The Butterfly People and their gallery is so cool.  They have a really neat tour of the gallery on the site.

'Tis the season of the Monarch........I see them everywhere.  That's my favorite butterfly.  Butterflies remind of the amazing cycle of life and how we all affect one another.  Even with something as simple as our words.  My self-imposed lesson for today is to choose my words with thoughfulness because you just never know when you are helping/harming somebody else.

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