Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Curried Butternut Squash...

Our garden harvest for squash this year consisted of two acorn and two butternut.  I decided to make soup.  I typically find a recipe on the internet, review ingredients and seasonings and then do my own thing.  This is what I did here.  I like to microwave squash just a bit and it enables me to cut through them, remove the seeds and then roast for extra flavor.
Once the squash cooled I removed all the fleshy, roasted goodness to add to soup.
While roasting was taking place, I added onion, apple, fennel, carrots and a Samuel Adam's to some chicken stock.  I used curry and cinnamon, chili flake, salt, pepper, some smoked mix (whatever was left in the tin....wasn't much but I love the smokey flavor) and this is the part I love the most.......I just go with my gut and add seasonings here and there that I know work well together.  So if you are looking for a real-deal recipe you won't find it here!  (however, you can find a million different kinds of squash soup recipes on the web.  With or without apple or fennel or curry.....) 

After I added squash, I used the magic kitchen tool........the emulsion blender!!!  Mine is a Kitchen Aid and I highly recommend it.  It takes a pot of chunky and turns it into a creamy dream!  I received this blender as a birthday gift from my BFF Bern last year.  Every time I use it I feel so professional!  She got me a creme brulee torch this year.  How cool is that?  Now I'm going to make creme brulee as soon as I get the ramekins.  (I will document  it!!! I've been wary of creme brulee for years!) 
I do however, like a bit of small texture.
I also added half and half and buttermilk to cut a bit of the heat. (I can get carried away with the heat!  I can take more heat than my husband now, so when he says it's spicy I know I've pushed the limit.)
Another garden harvest.....lovely sage
I fried these leaves up to add to the top of the soup for a fancy garnish! 
So easy and delicously impressive!
So the moral of the story is to JUST give it a try! 
Try something in the kitchen this week that appeals to you and you've been too scared to try!

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