Thursday, September 9, 2010

First day of "big kid" pre-school...

Lauren didn't meet the age requirement for Kindergarten this year so we made the decision to send her to an all-day pre-school M, W, F.  All I can say is that is 6 hours per day x 3 days per week= 18 hours per week of just me and Evan.  Of which Evan naps for 2.5 of each day!  OMG.  Whatever shall I do with all that time?  I seriously might not be able to function!  However, yesterday was my first seque into this and the time went by sooooo fast!  I dropped Lauren off, (no big girl cool), grocery shopped, came home, ate lunch, took Evan for an hour long walk, he went down for a nap, worked on the computer, showered and it was time to pick her up!!!! 

After I dropped Lauren off at school and pulled away I had that familiar feeling of "how in the heck did we get here so fast?"  I remember bringing her home from the hospital....all that baby deliciousness.......and now I'm dropping her off for SIX hours at school?  Wow.  And then my little man is in the backseat smiling and saying "sisssssssssy".  (His latest and greatest word)  And if my husband doesn't remind me weekly.............I've got THREE years until Evan goes to Kindergarten so I better get a successful job with a writing gig or I've got to fall back on my insurance thing.  (egads!)  How is it even possible to get back into the full-time gig after being out of the working world so long?  I'll feel like a grade schooler moving onto middle school.  And from what I can remember, it was scary and not cool!  Should I start being scared now?

Hope all your back to schools and end of summers have been wonderful!  Bring on the cool weather, new sweaters and Fall fests!  This is my favorite time of year!

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  1. Please don't start to freak out 3 years in advance! You'll make yourself miserable :) xo