Wednesday, September 29, 2010

French Braid Delight!

While visiting my Mom before our Door County Labor Day get-a-away, I BEGGED Lauren to let my Aunt Sandy French braid her hair.  It's just now long enough.  I LOVED it when Sandy would braid my hair when I was little.  Or in high school, my favorite "trick" was to have her braid it wet and then the next day have a crimped hair-do rockin'! (oh, for the love of crimped hair......please don't let that style come back!  It was wrong and hideous.  Yes, I owned a crimping iron.  I admit it.  I was a true child of the 80s!) 
Lauren isn't that much of a fan of getting her hair done.  A simple pony-tail or a barrette is all I can usually muster out of her.  She's all like "ouch, oooooh, that hurts....."  (I didn't even touch you yet!)  And some mornings before school we have full-on tears while working the kinks out.  And I say, "Oh, Lauren suck it up.  You are a girl.  Deal with it.  Sometimes beauty is pain!!!!"
See the fear here?  COME ON!  Don't you understand how wonderful the result will be?  It's your first French braid and your hair is finally long enough!  Let my hair dreams for you come true!!!!
The braid may have lasted 30 minutes if we were lucky!  But I got photos!!!!!  : )


  1. I commented but it didn't post. Sorry.
    Very cute. Would love to do this with Erin's hair but for now I am just happy she lets me brush it some days without a fight.

    And also, thank you for introducting me to the blog world. I have you on my yahoo home page!

  2. What you describe sounds a lot like the scene at our house, the crying before I even touch her, taking the pony or barrette out after a mere 5 minutes. But we recently discovered the fun of sleeping on damp braids, and the pretty "curls" that result, so Nora has been tolerating it. I'm gonna go with that for as long as she'll let me!