Thursday, September 23, 2010

I can't look away....

The Anderson family has advanced from the dark ages.  We recently had a 22 inch old school T.V. because our old big tube T.V. died.  So our "new" replacement was just an old tube T.V. from hubby's parents which we were thrilled with!  No "forcing us" to upgrade to a flat screen which meant ALSO getting rid of the old school entertainment center too....which is all just costly.  So the red head decided to "clean" the old/new T.V. and it died.....(she sprayed cleaner on the glass and it leaked somewhere that killed it) 

So for many months (I've lost count) we've been using what we like to call "baby T.T."  (my nephew Liam used to refer to T.V. as "T.T." and it's taken on a usage in our family vocabulary!)  It all didn't matter so much, as it was summer and we shouldn't be watching T.V. anyway, etc.  And the longer we waited the more powerful we felt.  We were above it all.  We didn't need a big screen.  We didn't need movies.  We would read!  We would listen to music!  It's better for the kids!  We are so superior!!!!!!!!!  (All we did was kill our eyes really because we DID watch all our same shows on the baby unit!)
But then things started to seem silly.  And ridiculous.  And we all just craved was a big fat, state-of-the-art, keep up with the Jones' sort of T.V. and stand and HD and Blue Ray and all that jazz....

So now my friends we have spent a small chunk 'o change and have a lovely mission style T.V. stand and 55 inch Sony T.V. with Blue Ray and DVD player.  We got new HD Dish receivers and HD programming.  We are all that and a bag 'o chips!!!!

Can I say it's changed my life?  Well, sure it is nice.  Very nice.  It seems unreal that we ever had that little teeny tiny T.V.  The kids are amazed.  We rented "Earth" by Disney and they were enthralled!  They sat still and squealed and squawked with delight at the animals.  But is what I am here to talk about.  Bad T.V. shows that my daughter is obsessed with (that we can DVR and watch later) that I can't look away from.

Example #1:  Dancing with the Stars.  (Last season they had me at Kate Gosselin)  This year is just lame.  Yet I can't look away.

Example #2:  Kate Plus 8.  Just kill me now.  Can Kate be ANY bigger of a beotch?  And show her teets all the time?  And is it just me or does it seem like she hates her kids?  AND my kids also seem strangely intrigued with "Quints by Surprise."  HURT ME.  (Stop it now TLC.  Just. STOP.)

Example #3:  Oh, wait.......I'm about to list all my trash Bravo shows I watch......Housewives. of. any. kind.  There you have it.

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