Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New space!

Okay, so this picture is really little and I can't enlarge it but you can see it here at JCPenney:  Ashton Bench & Wall Shelf with Baskets.  My girlfriend Bobbi purchased the same thing last year (with baskets vs. the canvas totes) and highly reccommends it for organizing the kids shoes, backpacks and coats.  Or rather providing them the means to do so without picking up after them everyday after school.  So I'm getting a early start!
We had this ugly little wasted space in the laundry room that consisted of a countertop.  That's it.  No shelves above or below.  (I did not take before pics!  Bad Blogger!)  So my husband had the BRILL idea to take the countertop out and  use the space for this.  I got both pieces with free shipping for $219!  Now, here's the downside.  It took hubby HOURS to put it all together and he's really handy and good at stuff like this.  Aside from plumbing or electric stuff (beyond the basic) he can really do anything!  The only extra step he took in assembly was to glue everything for extra strength.  We are not talking super quality here.  And who's idea was it to only offer one color for the cushion and totes?  I plan to recover the bench cushion wtih some dark funky fabric.  So take those things into consideration if interested!

Once the shelf is up I'll let you see how great it looks.  I painted the three walls this unit fits into a bright cheery yellow yesterday for fun.  (leftover nursery paint!)  Have you taken inventory of any leftover paint you have in storage?  I have been using mine here and there in the house and not spending a dime!  I love that!  Have you checked out the new Nate Berkus show?  I'm not sure how I feel about it yet but I love his idea of "shopping" from inside your home.  I love moving stuff around and changing things up without spending money.

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  1. Just move every three to four years. Then, "shopping thing from inside your house" becomes a reality. I love how our stuff looks so different everywhere we live and we mix up how items are used. We need a bench like this in our entry way. Maybe I could have one made.