Monday, September 20, 2010

Picture Day...

Cuteness Factor = HIGH.
We picked out the outfit last night (as we do with all Lauren's school outfits) so as to avoid any morning drama.  Today went off without a hitch.  I doubted the skirt (it has a built in shorts....they are always tricky with the red never know if she'll go for it or not) and I doubted the socks.  (Which MAKE the outfit even though you won't see them in the picture!)  But Lauren got herself fully dressed and then came into my bedroom this morning to show me.  Well, that was easy!  All I got was "this skirt feels weird mom......" and "I don't like these shoes and socks together.  They feel weird."  Just call me Super Mom or maybe it was the fact I was still in bed....prone position and all....not yet awake 100%......OR perhaps it's the fact that we are on YEAR THREE of stinkin' pre-school and I know what I'm working with! 
Looks like we've got another "poser" on our hands!  Please note the big bruise on forehead and scrape under the nose!  (incident from Sunday.....Evan and the stairs.........I'm thinking the cement stairs to the garage won!)  But he totally wanted his pic taken when he saw "SISSY" and the camera.  He totally says "sissy" and calls her that.  How cute is that?  LOVE!

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  1. She looks adorable :) Thanks for the reminder...I need to find out when Rachel's school photos are. Also, I'm sweating just looking at that outfit. I take it fall has come to IL??