Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spicy Margarita Shrimp....from Ree

Okay, here we go again with The Pioneer Woman.  If you haven't checked out her website, you might love it!  The more people I tell about PW the more I realize how many people adore her and follow her blog.  (I might be a bit behind the PW popularity!)It's got a little bit of something for anything you might be interested in. 

She has a link on her site to her "Tasty Kitchen" site.  Where I found this fantastic recipe for spicy-margarita-shrimp.  Really, really good!  And I'm one of those people who try new recipes and feel ho-hum about them when what I am really looking for is "Shazaaaaam"!!!  This recipe did not disappoint!  Check it! 

What you will love about The Pioneer Woman is her insane photos and list of "how to" make the recipe for those of you who are kitchen challenged!  Here are my photos....

Shrimp Marinade:  The key is all that lime and orange zest and juice!
Ready for shrimp!
Soakin' up the goodness! 

While the shrimp is hangin' out, prepare Quinoa. 
My new obsession! 
Goodbye rice and couscous...
I added cilantro...
Shrimp is ready for the hot pan!
Look at that zest and cilantro! 
It hit the pan and smelled awesome!
Nice and pink!  Don't over cook!
It is so easy to over cook shrimp! 
This shrimp is cooked on one side....see the pink edges?
Finished product!

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