Friday, October 1, 2010

3 pairs for $36.99 !!!!

When I get something in my head I just can't shake it.  (Case in point....the LL Bean shirt I freaked over when I thought it was out of stock....see Adore post.)  So today I decided that many of the boots and clogs and shoes in my closet might be geeky.  Okay, I wear flats or slippers or clogs all the time.  I'm a stay-at-home Mom.  Practicality is my middle name.  (perhaps my first name!!!)  The geek shoes WORK for my lifestyle!

But in all honesty.......I GET SICK OF THAT.  I like fashion and trend and just want to feel cool once in awhile!  I have taken to putting a cute outfit on and full make-up and hair just to go pick Lauren up from school and do some errands.  Why?  I have to.  For my self-esteem.  I would be in work-out clothes 24/7 if I didn't say to myself.........."just put some form fitting clothes on and makeup and do your hair and look in the mirror!"

And when I do that, I say to myself...."hmmm, not bad!"  hahahah  I can only walk around in my geek shoes and "house/secret/work-out clothes" for so long.  I'm not sure you remember, but I've been talking about "bringing sexy back" all year!  I've been consistently working out since January.  I've been using all the right facial lotions and potions and trying to fade the sun spots on my face.  I've added a few new wardrobe additions that are cool and trendy.  I've gotten some smaller sized jeans.  I've colored my hair this week.  I've scheduled girls weekend.  Need I say more?

My sister and I like to spice it up when we leave the house for any sort of get-together.  Then we have people freak on us that "we are so dressed up" or "why so fancy?"  and we are like.........hey, "shine when you can!"  My classic line is "I don't get out much......I like to make it count!"  BUT, let's get back to that ridiculous black zippered shabooty you see pictured above.

I got a notion that I needed a little Rachel Zoe spice in my life (impractical or not!) and since I had an extra 30% off at Kohl's I decided to check out the Vera Wang and Dana Buchman lines.  I am a FIRM believer in "you don't need to spend a fortune to look like one."  Also, if you want to try out a trend, you certainly do not need to spend a lot.  So I found this Candies on clearance for $24.99 + 30% off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was giddy!  I wore them around the house when I got home and may just sit here while I watch a movie with them on and keep looking at my high style/cool groove factor!  I love to do that.

Tonight confirmed my love of shoes.  THAT my friends doesn't go away because I had 2 kids.  In fact, it makes me love them MORE because I appreciate them more.  I wear them less but love them more!  hahaha
I decided the "Peep Toe" shabooty was the way to go!  They are sick and I adore them.

I also purchased the above Chaps black wedges with gold buckle for $9.99 +30% off!  I love buying some sandals now on the cheap and next summer having a delightful little treat to start the summer off right!  And for these prices?  PLEASE.  The other lovelies are Dana Buchman Windom Platform heels for $12.99 +30% off! 

I can't believe I've gone on and on and on about these shoes.  Enough said.  Feel Fabulous!  If a pair of shoes helps that along, go find them!  ONWARD MY GIRLFRIENDS!  Go get them! 

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  1. The shoes are so TK :) love them. Also, love the new blog background. Is it your new fall theme?