Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I gotta get a grip on my "ADORE" posts because clearly I adore far too many things, and secondly, I don't know Roman numerals.  Never learned them.  Never will.  So all those Super Bowls...........nope.......don't know which one we are really on.  And, since I've gotten this far in life without the use of Roman numerals.....I think I'm good.  I think I'm okay!

I got this little mushroom stained glass lovely at Julie's-Upscale-Resale-of-Door-County in Sister Bay, WI.  Who doesn't love a little throw back to the 70s with a mushroom motif?  I cannot get enough of stained glass.  LOVE (okay "adore") this store.  The girls are quirky and cool and funny and have a spirit that will keep you coming back to explore the goodies.  AND, they are known to be discussing cocktail hour at any given time....wine or martinis and rumor has it they have wine samplings out in the store on occasion!  Fantastic!

I especially love the $1 table....And apparently tomorrow I need to take pics of my $1 table "find" and my other fantastic finds from Julie's!  So that will be tomorrow's assignment.....

Until then, happy bargain hunting from one of the best!

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