Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bountiful Harvest leads to SOUP....

Delightful carrots from the garden in all shapes and sizes!  I think they are so random because I over planted the seeds in hopes of getting some, ANY, carrots!  I think that led to misshapen weirdo carrots but nonetheless, they were deliciously edible.  I had a BIG bag of carrots in the fridge and with a frost coming quick, an over abundance of green tomatoes and peppers.  The pressure was mounting!

So what does one do?  Make soup of course!  I got rid of ALL these babies in one fell swoop! (I'm kinda OCD so this makes me so happy!)
So this is the recipe I used as my "guide."  As I've mentioned before I rarely use a recipe "as is."  For the most part, I think most recipes are pretty pedestrian.  (not much flavor, no heat, no spice)  So I cannot vouch for this one at all because mine took a major turn (for the better!)  ginger-carrot-soup  (I used quite a bit of fresh ginger (more than this recipe called for of course!)  but I dont' get a ginger flavor from the soup.  I did add garlic and so many spice tweaks that my soup is completely different. 

I couldn't just show you a big pot of soup, so I prettied up the top for you!  I will also admit this:  (if you promise not to think I'm a bigger geek than I've already confessed to!!!!)  I used my Kitchen Aid immersion blender and realized that the top of the hand held gadget has a switch to crank up the speed...........DUH!  So, all my other soups this far haven't been nearly as velvety smooth as this one!  HELLO simple Simon met a pie-man!  My name is Tricia.  I'm sort of technology-challenged.  Or maybe it's just that for the most part, I don't really care that much about it!  You won't see me upgrading my phone every few months (Yep, just got rid of my Motorola Razor...no lie) or standing in any line for a computer or gadget.  Just keepin' it real....kickin' it old school over here!   

But that's not really my admission.  It's that when I went in for my first taste-test of the soup I thought...."totally needs something."  Then after that...........I closed my eyes.  Yep, I closed my eyes so I could visualize what the soup needed.  I cannot lie.  And after two more eye closings and samplings and additions........I was totally happy with it.  There you have it.  I'm serious about my cooking. Geeked out or not. 

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