Thursday, October 7, 2010

Crafty Joe strikes again....

Okay, so I admit.  I am a Scrabble fan. When my family gets together we drink and play Scrabble.  I know, by now you are you adding up all the things that make me geeky and are wondering why you read my posts....However, a little bit of geek is said to be endearing.......(I just made that up).

Here is my latest craftin' it up project. I will show you the finished project when I'm done, as some words got changed up a bit.  I got a cool shadow box frame on sale at JoAnn Fabrics and am going to frame this and scatter all the left over tiles in the frame and cover the back with pages from the dictionary. 

As you can see all words originate from ANDERSON and include all our names.  You can check out some other fine Scrabble Art here.  Remember, Geeks rule the world!  hahaha

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