Friday, October 29, 2010

No "Scary" Costumes...

Lauren attends a Lutheran pre-school so the memo regarding costumes for "Fall Fest" (can't call it what it, yeah....Halloween?  No, that is the work of the Devil!) said "children can wear costumes, just not "scary" costumes.  Well, thanks to my BF Bern, we don't do non-scary Halloween in this house!  So figuring out what to wear today (without spending money on another costume) was tricky.  You never know that the red-head will "agree" to wear! 

Please note my son who is "Soothie Obsessed."  One in the mouth, one in the hand.  Not sure when we can get rid of this habit.  My family now refers to binkys as "Stinkas" which is a take on "Stinky Binky."  I tell myself it's okay because he isn't TWO yet!  And, Evan proudly went over to the wall and said "cheese" when he saw I was taking Lauren's pic!
So this is our cute, but jerry-rigged "cat costume"...She refused to wear any princess garb, or her Doctor outfit.  She said "But Mom, we do scary Halloween and I don't want to be cute."   I gotta love a kid who sticks to her guns!   I also explained the school thing to her and told her the girls would most definately be wearing princess dresses.
 Not bad, cuteness factor pretty high with the 80s side-pony which was all her idea!
Now, wait until you see our "Scary" costumes for Halloween on Sunday!  "EVANSTEIN" and "The BRIDE OF".....(or Sissy of technically!) Very cool and I'm the geeky, proud mom maker of them!  It was so fun......I would guess $25 for both kids with a trip to Goodwill, Wal-Mart and the Dollar Store.

We got black tights with glow in the dark stars on them for her "real" costume and she seriously said "Mom, don't you think these are too cutesy?"

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  1. The costume is fantastic and so not just another copy of every other princess outfit. Really like that you've gotten your kids accustomed to scary halloween early on. Will make life easier for you and lots of fun. Loved last year's pictures. Can't wait to see this year. Erin is going as a princess and I think she is super adorable but we joined the princess club late and are no where near as obsessed as some people are about it. So for her it's special.
    Looks like Lauren is proud of her mom's creativity. Awesome!