Sunday, October 3, 2010

Peaceful, like Heaven on a Sunday...

My blog title is a line from a Paul McCartney song and it pops into my head on most Sundays.  (really it does!  I am not making this up!)  Today consisted of a brisk walk to the park and library with the kids on this gloriously beautiful Fall day.  It also consisted of me being nice and kind and patient with the kids and NOT YELLING so incredibly much!  (but with  many hours left in this day that is subject to change!)

When Evan napped, Lauren and I went to JoAnn fabrics and let me tell you.......even if you don't sew or craft or paint or do anything remotely related to this field, you will want to spend hundreds of dollars here!  I got out with a mere $42 and that was holding back.  We got some black tulle with purple glitter in it for the veil for Lauren's Halloween costume.  I got some remnant fabric to recover the cushion on my new bench in my "mud/laundry" room.  (See this post for a full story on the make-over) and a few misc. items. 

We had a fire outside and inside and just hung and chilled and drank some wine and gave the kids early baths/showers.  It all just felt easy and natural and chill.  I'm glad to feel this way today...........slowed down and easy.  I will gear up for the week after watching "Hot Tub Time Machine".  OMG.   Hilarious.  Just the way to round out the weekend. 

*Above photo is Lauren at Cana Island Lighthouse in Door County, WI.  My Dad's birthday was Oct. 1.  He would have been 68 years old.  There was a mystery photo I found of my Dad in this same spot, only he was looking toward the water.  When Lauren was two years old I found myself in this same exact spot and realized the photo of my Dad was taken here.  I have a pic of Lauren and I looking toward the water just like my Dad's photo was.  It was all very surreal and emotional at the time.  Now, looking at's all good.  Dad would have loved her.*
Thinking of you and loving you Grandpa Tom!

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