Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Sign of Good Girls Weekend....

Wine (red and white), Coors Light, Starbucks, Alka Seltzer, Iced Tea, Corona.....Yep.  I'd say it was a success!!!  Thank you Lake Geneva! 
And, if you happen to be in LG, check out the public walk around the lake front.  Carolyn Gable has a mansion called "Expect a Miracle" mansion and painted fence filled with lovely inspirational sayings and a bell to ring "for a miracle" and a guest book to sign.  Check out:  The Miracle Path.  If I could upload more than one stinkin' photo I could show you more!  

Any of my fellow blog spotters, are you having issues and what are you doing to get around it???


  1. I'm still uploading multiple photos here....maybe the change just hasn't gotten to me yet.

  2. I agree. I enjoy your photo/blog post combo. Hope you can work it out.