Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bowling Birthday Buddies

I had the where-with-all and super mom-smarts to send the husband to Brunswick Zone with the kids for Lauren's B-day Bowling Bonanza!  In my testimony I stated "A bowling alley is no place for a 2-year old."  Genius.  I stayed at home with Evan and prepped the pizza and snacks while having adult beverages with my BF Bern.  It was fabulous.  AND, after pizza we all participating in a rockin' dance party.  Mostly Taylor Swift with some of our other fave jams mixed in so as not to make the adults go crazy!  It was good times had by all!  And I'm very glad another b-day has been completed.  I need some rest!
 Cousin Annika, (9) Lauren (5) and BF Neighbor Rachel (8)
 Gonna tear up the lanes!
 And the Hello Kitty Magic 8 Ball!

Gettin' in on the action!

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