Thursday, November 4, 2010

Doesn't matter WHEN you do it.....

Here's the thing.....if we as Mom's tried to complete all the tasks of the season by the time the holiday hits, we'd all be hittin' the bottle more.  Really, who cares?  Today we carved pumpkins and do you think Lauren cared it was a few days AFTER Halloween?  Hellz no!  She was giddy.  

Apparently her cousin Liam couldn't stand the feel of the "pumpkin guts" on his hands so Lauren kept saying "I love how it feels Mom. It doesn't bother me!"

Okay, it was actually ME who did the cutting.........and the design is lame, but did I really, really want to carve up a pumpkin mid-day? simple (old school) won out for the design!  And really folks, what part of gashing into a fleshy pumpkin with a paring knife is a good or safe thing?  Yikes!
 And we had to do one for Evan too!
The seeds are roasting as I write this!  I adore toasted pumpkin seeds!  I spiced them up with curry and lots of crushed red pepper and black pepper.  Can't wait to snack on them!

I recently discoved McCormick's "Hot Shot" black and red pepper blend.  So delish!

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  1. Rachel can't stand the feel of pumpkin guts. Be glad she was willing to stick her hands in so you didn't have to...