Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Girls Got Curls....

We voted yesterday (please note the sticker) and I took the red head to get a real haircut.  She hasn't had one since July.  I was so sick of (my words here...) "the big red mop with no shape, no style, and no curls."  Even my sister was like, "so what happened to Lauren's curls?" 
Turns out, in our attempt at "growing her hair out for high school" that we just weighed down all her goodness!
So we layered it up and angle cut all the pieces of hair surrounding her face! Which, when you have curly hair doesn't really do much, but it really shapes it up.  I think it will look even better after she showers and we put some product in it.  (the freckles are killing me)

So much cuter!

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