Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life with Evan....

Dear Evan, 
How many times do I have to tell you to leave my lipstick alone?  Especially this lovely new red one I just bought.  And especially my new Aveda one which you found in my purse.  And really, this isn't your color.  I am not sure how you put that on your lips so perfectly but forget the nose next time.  Wait, there shall be NO next time.  And why are you crying?  It was MY NEW lipstick!
Are you trying to be a clown?  Oh, wait.  Yes you are.  And the Peppermint gum in my purse?  How many times do you have taste it before you'll realize you. don't. like. peppermint. gum.  Geesh.
I find it hard to believe you will TWO next week!  Where did the time go my precious little blondie? I love you so much I feel like my heart will burst.  And then you do things that make me so mad I am forced to drink wine.  Like dumping the entire bag of goldfish on the table 30 seconds after I walk in the door.  Like getting the step stool so you can reach anything you might desire at the moment. (the knife on the cutting board included or the gas burner on the stove)  Like climbing on everything like a little goat.  (Dad says its just a boy thing)  You are saying more and more words everyday and are now putting two words together.  I say you are a genius.  (for the record, I say the same thing about your sister just to keep it fair)
You are a curious little bugger.  But I guess that's what makes you so interesting.  Your sister was much more chill and calm.  But yeah, she's a girl and only really likes books and never plays with toys.  You love cars and trucks and tractors and lawn mowers and trains.  You try to figure out how things work and flip things over to investigate.
You love animals.

You love your momma.
You enjoy the occasional naked romp.
" Honey if you call and I'm not home I'll be at the gym or the gun club". (Jack Butler in Mr. Mom reference)
You are my Love Dog. Stay just the way you are.  
Love, Mom xoxoxox

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