Friday, November 26, 2010

Post-Turkey Day Run-Down....

The brined bird was the best turkey I have ever had in my life!  Hubby said "I feel like I've been missing out on this my whole life!"  We then discussed all the meat we could brine and the possibilities of deliciousness!  And the gravy was to die for!  I am not even a big gravy person, but I could have bathed in that glory gravy!  I jerry-rigged some carrots with a honey glaze and we had some left-over mashed tates, broccoli and ligonberry instead of cranberry.   Top it off with some croissants and it was delish!  (Because we haven't had enough butter yet!)

I took pics of the whole process......glorious pics....that beautiful browned bird.  We took pics last night at Aunt Margo's dinner too.  Lauren had the privilege of using our camera and took her own pics.  And AS IF I needed anything else to add to my anger issues (really, I'm fine was just a day) I downloaded all the  pics to the computer from my camera and something glitchy happened and..........yep, no pics.  I'm trying to remain calm and be glad they weren't anything super special.  Like, you really don't care about brine photos and a golden turkey anyway, right?             

I didn't do any black Friday madness.  Really, I don't buy the kids much and my sleep is worth a few extra dollars I might pay for something I want.  From what I see there are many deals on Saturday too.  I did hit my local resale shop for 26% off.  I actually have a 20% off coupon for JcPenney for Sunday and from my calculations the deals will be excellent.   

Lauren decorated the tree yesterday while we watched the Macy's parade.  I emphasize LAUREN decorated the tree.  It was the last thing I wanted to do but she was so giddy and kept saying "this is so fun Mom, this is my favorite holiday, I love this day........"  Rip my heart out I'm an evil bitchy devil Mother.  I told her I was giving her $5 for her efforts for Santa workshop at school.       

I am very thankful that all my holiday decorations are up and the tree is good to go.  The kids are in bed and I'm relaxing and not caring about anything. I plan to eat more turkey before the night is over.  I really do love the holidays when my evil side calms down!  I feel like the mantel has looked exactly the same every year.  I'm kinda sick of it and need to think of a new plan for next year.  
This is our stained glass window turned into a "light box" that (duh!) lights up.  But that dreaded dangling white  cord (seen here camouflaged by greens) is not cute and it kinda bugs me so much I can't appreciate the loveliness of the stained glass.  AND, I should have gone with my decorating instincts and just hung it low like I wanted instead of centered on the brick.  

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