Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Thoughts.....

Will these pumps make me look like a stripper?  A whore?  Or stylish?  I'm obsessed with getting a pair of nude platform pumps.  The ones I want cost a small fortune.  These are from Forever 21.  They cost $25. Is that wrong?
This is Kim K.  You know her.  These are Jimmy Choo's.  They cost $695.  I'm not which is more wrong.  Her or the cost of those shoes.

How many water cups do two kids need at any given time?  I am dreaming of the day when all these cotton-picking sippy cups and water bottles will not be littering my cupboards.  And those valves for the sippy cups?  Get out.

Does a free-range, organic turkey really taste better or am I just spending more money?

Are my kids learning how to sigh and yell and rage from me?  hmmmm......They just got in each other's faces and  screamed their brains out.  I could really relate.

I took Evan's diaper off before we went upstairs to get dressed this morning and when he was running around upstairs (while I was brushing my teeth) he took a dumper on the floor.......just a few small turds (with raisins thank you very much.......oh, yeah.....he ate raisins at his Grandparents house on Sunday) and he stepped in it and ran into the bathroom, the hallway, his sister's room and the other bathroom.  Lord help me.  Lauren was slightly delighted and was freaking out all at the same time.  

Are Toot and Puddle gay and where are their parents?

Is it wrong that I kind of like the Electric Company and iCarly?

Is it really Thanksgiving next week and do I really have to lug and haul and decorate?  OMG.  I need to manufacture some serious inspirado.  And did I mention all my Christmas stuff is now housed in the crawl space?  Hurt me.  Help me.

Lauren got the new Taylor Swift CD for her birthday.  Is it wrong that the first song talks about "having a drawer at your house"?  Has Taylor changed or is it just me?  Is she really old enough to date Jake Gyllenhaal?

Can my baby girl REALLY and TRULY be turning FIVE tomorrow?  No way.  Get out.

Eggnog rocks and every season when I see that little container of it in the dairy case it makes me happy.  

Lauren's BF/neighbor friend Rachel brought her over a homemade card tonight.  It almost broke my heart in two.  She drew a picture of them playing on the play set in the backyard and it said "best wishes and may all your birthday dreams come true."  Tears.

Do you sometimes get your period and then think to yourself, "Wow.  That explains my psycho bitch anger last week and desire to kill everyone in my path.

That's it for now.  Thanks for allowing me to get this all out.  I feel so much better now!  And props to me for putting Toot and Puddle and Kim K all in the same blog : )

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  1. 1) What the shoes make you look like will totally depend on the outfit you wear with them and where you are going.

    2)I always ask myself how sippy cups can take up soooo much space.

    3)My girls learn most of their bad behavior from me. The eye rolling, the sighing, the grunting when frustrated. I hate seeing my actions come from them but can't really get mad.

    4)The poop....nothing to say but yuck.

    5) I always wonder about Max and Ruby's parents.

    ...and that's all the time alone on the computer my children will allot me today so will have to comment more later...love you