Monday, December 6, 2010

Avoiding the ER....

We narrowly escaped a trip to Urgent Care or the ER on Sunday morning when Evan took the rolling pin out of a drawer and started rolling around the kitchen.  (A favorite pass time......he's done it before and it drives me crazy......GO PLAY WITH YOUR TOYS YOU ANIMAL.)  At some point he rolled himself  silly and split his chin open.
 Butterfly Bandage and another band aid to cover up the cut!
 Contemplating his injury....

He recovered quickly and the band aid lasted only a few hours.  (all that two-year-old drool and band aids don't mix!)  Today he fell off his chair eating breakfast and re-split open the cut.  He later then fell down a couple of the stairs near the bottom and now has a big egg and bruise on his head.  Three more days to make the "we never had to take you to the ER before you were two!"  Goodness BOYS are crazy!

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