Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Christmas Miracle...

Yesterday I had a babysitter come over to the house at 3:00 pm. My original intention and reason for the sitter was to attend my husband's company party to which I would bring a brined turkey and gravy to share.  The party got changed to Jan. 3 and my sister said to me, "Don't be a fool and cancel the sitter."  Well, that was good advice!  The weather and kids and Lauren with no school has been taking it's toll.  I mean, stay-at-home-mom or not, we all need a break.....especially during the holidays!  

So I went to my favorite resale shop for an hour and purchased myself that lovely little ring I'm wearing above.  (sterling silver with red and blue turquoise that goes from knuckle to ridic good I was giddy when I spotted it at the completely spoke to me)  Merry Christmas to me!  I'm of the school (15 years of marriage will earn you these smarts) that if you want something good for Christmas you just buy it for yourself and move on.  No Kay's Jeweler's B.S. here folks!  I'm smart and realistic!  If I really want to be truthful here, I've been shopping for myself for about a month!  

After the resale shop I swung by Walgreen's for some last minute stocking stuffers and did a library stop and headed toward my husband's office.  I hit the mother-lode at a community thrift village and then after hubs was done working we headed toward the The Abortetum of South Barrington.  Lots of really cool high-end shops and during the holiday season an outdoor skating rink!  How cool!  My intention was to do a wine-tasting at Coopers Hawk Winery but it was highly overrated and crowded and we weren't interested in standing in any lines.  Instead we went to Nozumi Japanese Cusine and had a drink and sashimi sampler platter.

We hit the  LL Bean store (a favorite) and then did a Christmas splurge and ended up eating at Ruth's Chris Steak House which was everything I've ever heard it was.  We had some lovely Sauvignon Blanc wine and oysters Rockefeller, shared a chop salad and split a 6 oz tenderloin and 8 oz lobster tail.  Some au gratin potatoes that were soooooooooo rich rounded out our "shared meal."  Believe me, it was more than enough food!  
Well, you really need to smile or something.........
I seriously said, "smile as hard as you can!"  
I guess he did.

All in all I was delighted with my time away!  When I left the house I actually let the babysitter do everything on her own without much direction from me other than what to feed the kids for dinner.  And you know what?  It all worked out just fine.  

Now, I'm off to brine that turkey!  (again!)  I know, get over talking about the brined turkeys already!  But really, try it and see if you can stop talking about it!!!!  Here's the brine recipe I use from The Pioneer Woman

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