Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cookie Exchange 2010

This is a sight you rarely see in my kitchen.  Oh sure, I COOK almost every night.  But bake?  Nope.  (I'm just like Rachel Ray...hahahaha) But during wine club in November (I'm sure after a few glasses of wine) the ladies convinced me that since my family holiday party was the Saturday after our Thursday night wine club holiday party.......well, hey....why not have 7 DZ. asst. cookies to share with the fam?  It sounded like a great idea. And hey, I can do this.
All ready to go!  Kitchen Aid came out just for the holidays!  ha ha....Yes, I have a Kitchen Aid.  Why?  Wedding gift.  Enough said.
Wet ingredients ready to "cream together"...
Dry ingredients ready to add.  Oh, wait.  Baking powder.  Check.  Baking Soda. OH COME ON PEOPLE.  I even got a step stool out to rifle through the cupboards.  SHIT.  And from what I googled, baking soda vs. powder is a big big baking deal.
So I called both neighbors and WHEW!  I promptly walked over to get some, as I was in the middle of the process, time a tickin' down on the clock before I have to pick up Lauren from school and Evan still sleeping.
A scene from the crime.  The crime?  Me.  Baking.  I'm gonna stick to what I know.
 Well, they look good anyway.
 O-C-D / A-D-D method of planning out the Hershey kisses.
 The Hershey kisses wreckage. Do you know what a pain it is to unwrap this many kisses?
I did enjoy an impromptu dance to "Run Run Reindeer" in the kitchen while baking. It was my highlight.  Also, my grandma Kushman made these every cookies every Christmas.  It was a nice memory. However, I certainly didn't get any baking mojo from her!
Lord help us all.  Especially those who are exchanging cookies me! But I'm just gonna act like it's all good.  And why did a recipe for 7 dz. cookies only yield me 5 dz?????  Yes, I wanted to poke my eye out but I had to start over and make another batch.  (Which said it was for 4 dz but I only got 3....)  Am I making my balls too big?  And I won't even get into my butter issues.  It might need to go in the vault.  

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  1. Are you making your "balls too big?" Well..that sounds like a whole different blog post ;) had me at chocolate and PB. Two of my favorite vices...yummy