Monday, December 20, 2010

December 9

Due to the holiday season and go-go-go action around here, I didn't document Evan's 2nd birthday.  Well, actually there wasn't much to document.  When you are two you still don't quite get it. Because of this I jaunted off to a party and Dad was returning from a business trip and was stuck in the snow driving back. However, Lauren had purchased Evan a gift from "Secret Santa Workshop" at preschool and she wanted to give it to him as a b-day gift instead.  (precious!)  Here is the "sister knows best and is helping brother bro" open the gift!  
The action was fast!  I had to move quick!  
He didn't really want her help and was getting impatient!
 Oh, what is inside?
One last pull!
Due to the excitement you cannot see this is a four-wheeler.
He LOVED it!

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