Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hurt me....

Holiday Card Option #1:  
Ghetto Onesie baby
(who got too hot in his reindeer Christmas sweater at the party) 
getting his gift from Santa

It's that time of year again folks.......Holiday Photo Card time........I should just forget this whole affair and continue to drink wine.  It would be easier and more pleasurable.  I could buck tradition and just say no....not doin' cards this year.  People would understand.  It's that whole economic "why not save a few bucks here and there" (THERE being the cards!)  I tried doing that last year.  With this whole Facebook thing, well, everyone that I remotely care about (and don't) have seen recent and updated pics of me and the family....our vacations, our randoms, our backyard run arounds, our everyday.  

Option #2:  Cute reindeer sweater but NOT looking at the camera. 
 (imagine that)
and don't navy blue cords with a snap-crotch melt a mom's heart?

I really tried hard last year to NOT do cards.  I waited as long as possible and then I folded.  I LOVE getting the cards and photos in the mail during the holiday season.  It's really the only time I care about mail.  But then, I just. couldn't. not. do. it.  It's just kinda family tradition.  And yes, there are the handful of people who aren't on Facebook with me or email or read this blog.  
Option #3:  Cute hat.  Cute coat.  Not a cute look.

So every year, as painful as it may seem, I attempt family photos or good individual photos of the kids.  Hello, impossible with a two year old.  I have a ton of good pics of Lauren.  But, she almost doesn't count because she's FIVE now and would get her pic taken all day long and change outfits and pose and look adorable! And since my husband is the "official" photographer of the family (yeah right, not's called MOM does it all 101, therefore I'm rarely in pics) and he has all this gear and lenses and blah blah blah..........I wait and wait and wait for the "big photo shoot" that never happens.  I plan outfits and envision some magical unicorn who gallops across the living on a rainbow/magic carpet and hands to me some fab photos of my children.  You know the kind........all "unscripted" and "unplanned" and perfect.  A little grainy and maybe in sepia tone for that lovely visual effect. 
Option #4:  Okay, cute.  But Holiday card worthy?  hmmmm....

But in reality I refuse to spend a ton of money on something that the majority of people will throw away.  Oh, sure....I want the thick quality paper card with multiple photos from the cool website....with the retro designs I so love in their multi-colored glory.  I just don't want to pay the price.  So I cruise Walmart and Costco for the least expensive but best designed cards.  

Today I found a few options.   Now, if I only had those photos to "insert here."

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