Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Play on Playa's....

Headed out for a night out in Chicago for my BF's 40th Birthday.  Here are some photos that explain (quite clearly) what shakes down when Momma steps out......We started out with some Chandon Champagne.  (great deal from Binny's at $12.99 per bottle.  I brought TWO thank you)
My BF Bern brought these (more as a joke) but we shared a bottle on Sunday.  Just like the commercial says "no jitters", well they were right!  She also brought some half lemonade/half iced tea "Arnold Palmer in a can" but we did not need them.  We would have added vodka of course.  Please.  We don't half-step.
Breakfast of champions and inter-mixed hydration for responsible drinkers....
Wearing a CAFTAN from Malaysia.  Hand dyed silk.  Yep.  Just call me Carrie Bradshaw.  And those nude platform pumps?  Shut it down.  I kept saying I was just gonna wear this to dinner.
 Crackin' open the first bottle.  That's my BF's hand.  She calls it a man hand.
Here's me before the caftan quick-change.  And no, that is not my hair that high.  Some reflection in the light ended up on top of my head.
 Chillin' Out!   Literally. By the way this is the best tip when chilling down bottles in a hotel room.  
Use the garbage can and fill the whole thing with ice.  You aren't using this ice in a drink so it's all good.
A bottle of red just in case we needed more! We didn't drink it or the citrus Mtn Dew you see to the left.  We like to be prepared.
 Bebe's rockin' new pumps that I convinced her she could walk in.
 Our friends John and Yoko.  This was our themed room.  We were at Hard Rock Hotel Chicago.
 Bird rings.
 More platform pumps.
Our cool chair.
 Figuring out what to wear.
 The ladies all done up.
 BB King's Guitar.  We were on the BB King Floor.
Taxi Rides.
Horse and Carriage Sightings.
Blowing out the candle.
 Gettin' into my wine.
Desert #1
Free Desert #2
Desert #3

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