Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rockin' around the Christmas tree......

OH STOP ALREADY with the song!!!!  I've taken a wee bit of a work-out break because I was listening to my body.  (for once)  Forget the guilt or that dumb voice inside my head.  I was feeling off kilter and my body was fighting a sickness.  I need to be in full party mode starting tomorrow.   So instead of  running myself into the ground I said enough.  At least until I feel like myself again.  So in the meantime I've been kickin' butts and taking names (who says that?  Geek.)  Christmas cards? DONE.  All gifts (there aren't that many really) except for the kids gifts and I have to sneaky-pete wrap those...DONE.  Holiday packages that need to be shipped out....READY.  Family party menu.  DONE.  I've got lists and plans and I feel in control.

SIDE NOTE:  Dell computers suck suck suck.  iPad here I come.  Have you ever watched "The Talk"?  OMG.  Please spare yourself.  It's so bad and I can't look away.  I mean how many women do we need to shoot the shit and interview people?  And they are all trying way too hard.  Hello!  "The Talk"?  Can you so  find an original name?  The View is where it's at.  (even though that drives me crazy too!)  Okay.......moving on.

So my thyroid was not working as it should.  I've been on medication for about 10 years now I think.  But every so often I get some symptoms that I know point to my medication needing a tweak.  WELL HELL HELL.........maybe that explains my INSANE mood swings (you know, bitch from hell to crying over everything.....remember I talked about all that ANGER?  yep.  Still here.)  But today, after two days of the adjusted meds I feel a bit more normal.   And my girl Jillian (Michaels that is) was waiting patiently for me so she could kick my butt!

Rest in Peace Elizabeth Edwards.  You were one of a kind.  You are with your son Wade again.  
And John Lennon, it's been 30 years since you were taken from the world.  We still love you and miss you.


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