Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sharpie Marker....enough said.

The fine young criminal

THREE hours before our family holiday party Evan decided to take the sharpie I left on the table (my bad) for approximately 30 seconds and scribble on the wall.  
OH WAIT.  Did I say "the wall"?  What I meant to say was TWO WALLS.  Sure, Sure.  After my heart sank and I yelled at Bengt to come up from  the basement "to see what HIS son had done" I got over it.  I googled "remove sharpie marker from painted walls" and tried all suggestions.  Yes, some of them worked but really the only thing that's gonna kill this dandy mess is some primer and paint.  
Here is a close-up.  It's a beauty isn't it?  When I posted Evan's act on Facebook, one of my friends suggested he was only trying to write his beloved Mother a Christmas sonnet.  I laughed again and poured a drink.  In the whole grand scheme of things...........of all that we have experienced already as parents.........and ALL that is left to come, this is merely a blip in the road.  (A funny one at best)  

As a parent (and on a good day) I realize you can't sweat the small stuff.  Sure it's a pain.  It's one more project to add to the list.  But we were having a party and we are all healthy and happy and have money in the bank and college savings for the kids.  I will travel again someday.  I really will.  For now, this is my job. And I love these little buggers more than I can humanly express.

Evan kept showing everyone at the party what he had done by walking up to the wall and pointing to his "work."  And we all kept saying..........."That is not good Evan.  You can never, ever, never, ever do this again."  But we can only hope.
As my Mom always says (who got it from my Great Aunt Ruth, whom I adore)
"C'est la vie"=SUCH IS LIFE!

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